During my studies as a communication designer, I became aware of how diverse media content is woven into people.

In communication strategy I heard about how people with messages should be "massaged" in advertising until a decision is made and an impulse to buy comes.

I felt resistance that I would like to spend the rest of my life (I only started studying at the age of 30) in the agency world in order to bring a product, the content of which is questionable, to people with good packaging.

Should my gain in pleasure result from a client cheering us on due to increased sales?

I had my agency experience and, at 35, I thought that others, and especially younger people, could do better than me.

During my studies I wanted to get to know each other a little better. I detached myself from the keyboard.

The brush, scissors, ... my hands wanted to have new experiences.
Do not put the potential customer in motion, but look at what moves in me.

Start moving with me.

To deal with the media world.

I myself, embedded in messages, pictures, scraps of words, noise, sounds, tones, crackling, ...

Where am I myself in this world and what is in me from this environment?


With the newspaper clippings as a basis, I overlay them with a basic theme.

And often it is not even very important what kind of motif I put on the plate, put in the news network, let the news network catch it ... it is the brushwork, the shining through, the twilight between still visible - in the glazes - and already covered through a pastier application of paint that reflects this dialogue between outside and inside.

This alternation between foreground and background, given and self-given, ...
all of this is true to me.

And the certainty
that the truth doesn't exist.


Everything changes.

Why art ... my kind of art...
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